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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000: scroll speed too fast @ Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS)

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I'm extremely happy with this mouse at my work, but there's was one thing that was really annoying: the scroll speed in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS) was just toooo fast. Scrolling one time at the wheel, created a scroll effect of several steps.

After Googling a while, I came up this link: This ticket says:

This has been driving me nuts for a while now. The scroll wheel on my desktop mouse
(it's an MS wireless one) scrolls rather fast. Instead of moving a few lines, it
scrolls half a page or more with a very gentle scroll.
In Ubuntu (!) again I just unplugged the receiver and plugged it in again as fyo
described (by reading fyo's explanations I thought I must do the plugging in Windows,
so this is just for clarification). This solved the problem for me.

So unplugging the receiver did indeed solve the problem: crazy as hell :-). Interesting to know:

You see, the wheel is not a wheel at all (its not analog), in fact wheel movements
are seen as button presses (its digital). If you open the X event monitor (from
terminal just type xev) and you go with your pointer within the white window, you
will see that at each movement of the wheel there is a button press/release event 
(depending on your xorg.conf, usually 4 and 5).

CyCo's picture

so you must unplug your receiver every time, if you want proper scroll action?

kewl.. :]

Jochus's picture

No, only when my previous OS startup was Windows. Windows seems to "change" something in the receiver. When I boot into Linux, I have to unplug it and replug it.

As I'm not very often in Windows, this isn't a problem for me :-) ...

Jochus's picture

I also prefer Logitech, but I wasn't able to choose the type of mouse ;-) !

Gustavo's picture

Well... it's not a definitive solution, but finally i can use my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 with ubuntu with out "precision fingers"!! Tks man!

Jochus's picture

Hehe, I know.

Btw, I'm using a Logitech mouse now: works like a charm!

anon ny mous's picture

Life saver !

Anonymous's picture

dude! thank you for this post, i can't believe that fixes it, but it does! thanks again!

PS's picture

Hello there,
that problem doesn't occure only with wireless mouses. I have a Microsoft cable mouse (USB) and since windows update has installed the MS driver for that mouse I also have the same problem. Every time when I boot windows I get too fast scrolling speed on linux. Simple unplugging and replugging restores the normal scrolling speed on linux.

It seems that the MS driver sets an internal state on that mouse which is erased when the mouse is unplugged (due to loss of power I think).

Paul Somebody's picture

That is absolutely crazy, but in my case with the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 6000 unplugging the receiver actually does decrease scrolling speed dramatically.

This makes it another problem: how do I increase approximately by third of that amount? Since now it is too slow.

And I don't think that is about resetting power — you see, there are two AA batteries inside the mouse, when you unplug the receiver they do not go anywhere, so if something is stored internally in the mouse it should not be reset at all — I have no idea why this happens.

Said Tahsin Dane's picture

I am having the same problem with my Microsoft Mouse 3500. I couldnt manage to think to unplug and replug the receiver. I was googleing how to decrease scroll speed in ubuntu. You solved my problem basicly. Thank you.

Paul Richards's picture

It happens when you boot into Microsoft Windows and then do a warm reboot into linux. Windows sets a special scrolling mode that doesn't get reset.

I have submitted a kernel patch for this, and will be resubmitting with more documentation.

In the meantime, I also have a userland program (regular program), that will reset the mouse on bootup. You can download it with git from here:

It beats having to constantly unplug and replug the receiver in. I will make ubuntu packages and rpms soon.

Jochus's picture

Thanks Paul Richards! Your comment describes 100% my problem. I'm glad you've created a patch for this issue ;-)!

Paul Richards's picture

OK, I fixed a few bugs and added support for Laser Mouse 6000.

Instead of using github, grab the source, here, in the standard linux tar format:

It has the userland program and the kernel patch for 3.3.0, if you are interested in compiling your own kernel. You don't need to compile your own kernel if you don't want to -- just use the userland program. There's a README in the tar file that describes how to build the program, should be simple. Yes, I still have to make .deb's and .rpm's for this so people don't have to bother compiling it.

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Wow, thanks you, thank you, thank you. This was driving me nuts. I got tired of unplugging and plugging again and again. Thanks a lot.

ml's picture

Thanks a lot!!!
I use a USB switch to change between Windows and Linux (CentOS) machines, using the linux environment for programming tasks. The fast scrolling was driving me crazy, the patch forget perfect for CentOS 7.

Thanks again!

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